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February 14, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
27. Motion to Approve Agreement for a Comprehensive Organizational Assessment for the Parking Services Department from Kimley-Horn (Event No. 6823)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval of an agreement with Kimley-Horn for a comprehensive organizational assessment in the estimated amount of $94,555.00.  The assessment will be used by the Office of Organizational Performance and Accountability to conduct a detailed review, analysis, and assessment of the current organizational structure, operational services, functions, levels and qualifications of staffing, and the operations financial performance.  Additionally, the consultant shall identify best practices and performance measures that may be adopted.  Finally, the recommendations shall identify streamlining procedures, processes, and technologies for assessed required services and functions.

Recent internal reviews and assessments by the City of Savannah’s Office of Performance and Accountability identified the need for an in-depth external consultant assessment and for an implementation plan to provide enhanced Parking Services for the City of Savannah’s residences, businesses and guests. 

The consultant’s final report shall provide prioritized recommendations that will optimize the organizational operations for current and any identified future needs.  The results shall be in alignment with the City’s Strategic Goal of Efficient Government Operations and for a continuous assessment for improving efficiencies of all city operations.

The method used for this procurement was the request for proposals (RFP), which evaluates criteria in addition to cost.  The criteria used to evaluate this RFP were proposer’s qualifications and experience, project team, project approach, references, local vendor participation, and fees.  Five proposals were received.  Of those five proposals, two were shortlisted, interviewed, and fully evaluated.



Liz Taschereau, Strategic Initiatives Manager
Financial Impact
Estimated $94,555.00 expenditure from the Parking Fund Enterprise
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Parking Purchasing Summary.pdf
Exhibit 2: Parking Services Assessment Attachments.pdf
Exhibit 3: Parking Services Assessment RFP.pdf
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