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December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Notification of Emergency Purchase of Fire Protection Curtain for the Civic Center from Stage Front (Event No. 5673)

Notification of an emergency procurement of a fire curtain from Stage Front in the amount of $56,582.00. The services were used by the Civic Center to replace the main fire protection curtain in the Johnny Mercer Theatre, as it was deemed non-operational by an inspection company assessing venue safety compliance. After a consultation with the Development Services Department and with the Fire Marshal, it was determined that the curtain had to be replaced immediately as its condition presented a life safety concern. Due to the immediate need to fix the curtain, this was declared an emergency and quotes were obtained from two vendors who were able to respond immediately with the necessary equipment. The lowest responsive, responsible bidder was selected. 



Veleeta McDonald, Civic Center Director
Financial Impact
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Fire Curtain Funding Verification.pdf
Fire Curtain Purchasing Summary.pdf
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