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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
16. Motion to Adopt Resolution Authorizing Certificate of Removal from the Industrial Area, and Annexation of a Portion of the Truman Parkway and Parcel Containing the President Street Water Reclamation Plant
Strategic Priority
Good Government

In 1998, Chatham County conveyed the portion of the Truman Parkway right of way located north of DeRenne Avenue to the City of Savannah, and City Council approved the transaction. The portion of Truman right of way north of President Street was not annexed, since it is in an industrial zone, which could not be annexed at that time.

Subsequently, the Georgia Constitution has been amended to allow an owner of property within an industrial zone to remove the property from the zone, and to annex it into the city that provides water service to the property. This resolution will authorize the removal of these two parcels from the zone, and their annexation.



Jennifer N. Herman, Deputy City Attorney
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Truman ROW and Treatment Plant Annexation.pdf
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