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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
26. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Well Maintenance Services to Rowe Drilling Co. (Event No. 6409)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to award an annual contract for well maintenance to Rowe Drilling Co. in the amount of $105,700.00. The maintenance will be used by Water Distribution to perform scheduled and unplanned required maintenance on the City’s groundwater wells.  The City of Savannah has 48 groundwater wells that are used to provide potable drinking water.

The DBE goal was waived due to the highly specialized nature of this work.

The contract term will be from December 6, 2018 through December 31, 2019.



Heath Lloyd, Chief Infrastructure and Development Officer
Financial Impact
$105,700.00 expenditure from the Capital Improvements and Water and Sewer Funds
Review Comments
Well Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
Well Maintenance Scope.pdf
Well Maintenance Funding Verification.pdf
Well Maintenance Purchasing Summary.pdf
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