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December 6, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
41. Motion to Approve Highland Falls Phase 6 Major Subdivision
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval of a major subdivision, Highland Falls Phase 6, proposed by the property owner, Land Pros Southeast, LLC. The proposed subdivision is approximately 6.87 acres and includes 28 lots, with property tax map number 2-1016-02-025.

Highland Falls Phase 6 is located within Highland Falls, an approximately 129-acre residential subdivision located in the Godley Tract of Chatham County. The site is located in North Godley within the City of Savannah, Aldermanic District 1. The site is located north of Jimmy DeLoach Parkway, west of Interstate 95, along Highlands Boulevard. The property is zoned PUD-C, and is located in Flood Zone X and a Flood Zone AE(BFE 15), as per FIRM map 13051C0017G (7/7/2014).

Lots will be served by City of Savannah water and sewer systems. Storm water lagoons and open space will be maintained by the Home Owners Association. Flow Through Easements are provided for City of Savannah access to storm water management system.




Greg Harris, City Surveyor
Financial Impact
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