April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to Award Design Services Contract for Bonaventure Restrooms Design (Event No. 4522)

Recommend approval to procure design services from Lominack, Kolman, Smith Architects in the amount of $32,395.00. This project replaces an existing deteriorated public restroom building at the Bonaventure Cemetery with a new code-compliant facility. It will be 300-500 square feet and contain separate men’s and women’s restrooms, a storage/utility room, and covered outdoor space. The building will be located inside the entrance to the cemetery and will harmonize architecturally with the historic main building and aesthetically in the exterior setting.

The project will also include site work, utilities, and accessible parking. The existing restroom building will be demolished. The new building will include a wood- or metal-framed structure, with a Victorian-style façade, to complement the administration building. The design will be fully ADA accessible and meet Georgia accessibility codes.



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Bonaventure Restroom Design Purchasing Summary.pdf
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