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September 27, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
16. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting $1,194.00 Donation from the Wachovia Historical Society for the Preservation of the Moravian Marker in Oglethorpe Square
Strategic Priority

Recommend adoption of a resolution accepting a donation from the Wachovia Historical Society of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the amount of $1,194.00 to be used to contract work for the restoration of the Moravian Marker located in Oglethorpe Square.

The restoration work will be done off of an existing City contract with Landmark Preservation, LLC for approximately $1,194.00 and will be overseen by Greenscapes Division staff.    

The Moravian Marker, a bronze dedicatory marker mounted on a granite pedestal, was dedicated in 1933 and is located on the northeast corner of Oglethorpe Square. It was presented to the City of Savannah by the Wachovia Historical Society and reads: “In memory of the Moravian Colonists in Savannah 1735-1740 who maintained a mission to the Indians.”

The Wachovia Historical Society, founded in 1895, is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and dissemination of the history of the Moravian Church in the South. 



Gordon Denney, Greenscapes Division
Financial Impact
Donation of $1,194 to the City
Review Comments
Resolution of Adoption of Donation by the Wachovia Historical Society.pdf
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