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September 27, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
4. Appearance by Organizers of CityCamp Savannah to Invite the Community to the October 20 Citizen Engagement Event Focused on the CIty's Annual Budget
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This flagship one-day only event – brought to you by OpenSavannah and City of Savannah – marks a radical new attempt at including all residents in Coastal Ga. policy-making and, specifically, in helping City leaders determine City budget priorities and focus areas.

Organized by and for resident volunteers of OpenSavannah working in equal collaboration with public servants, CityCamp aims to bring together civic leaders, concerned citizens, elected officials, journalists, nonprofits, business leaders, youth, everyday residents, and all of Savannah's collective action for a day of solutions-building to answer the underlying question: "What do we want to create together for the future of our city?"

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Melissa Carter, Budget Management Director
Financial Impact
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