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September 26, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
15. Motion To Approve an Amendment with Presidents’ Quarters Inn for Parking at the State Street Garage
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Purpose: Amend the agreement between the City of Savannah and 225 East President Street LLC, for parking in the State Street Garage.

Background: In November 2017, the City and 225 East President Street, LLC (Presidents’ Quarters Inn) entered into an agreement for parking at the State Street Garage. The amendment was requested by the Presidents’ Quarters Inn.

Facts and Findings:

  1. The November 2017 agreement required Presidents’ Quarters Inn to begin construction for the expansion of the inn for the agreement to remain effective.
  2. Presidents’ Quarters Inn is continuing through the design process for its planned expansion and will need to proceed with the historical review process.
  3. Additional time will be needed for the inn to obtain a building permit. The amendment allows for a 12 month extention.

Policy Analysis: The City Charter grants the authority for Council to enter into and amend agreements.


  1. That the Council adopt the amendment.
  2. That the Council deny and further amend the amendment. 

Approval of Alternative 1

Sean Brandon, Director of Mobility Services
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Draft Lease - Presidents' Quarter Inn Parking.pdf
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