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September 13, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
37. Motion to Approve Access Easement to North Signal Capital, LLC
Strategic Priority
Good Government

North Signal Capital, LLC (NSC), a development group headquartered in Connecticut, is under contract to purchase the privately owned property located at 1319 Dean Forest Road (PIN 2-0990 -01-012). NSC intends to develop a $21 million warehouse facility on the site. The City’s Dean Forest Landfill is located adjacent to this property. NSC has requested an easement over and across a portion of the driveway serving the landfill as a secondary means of access to the warehouse development.

The requested use of the driveway by NSC would solely be for ingress to its property, and not egress. In exchange for this easement, NSC has agreed to improve the driveway, by widening, adding a turning lane onto Dean Forest Road, and repaving. Positive impact to the City’s Sanitation traffic flow is expected due to these improvements. In addition, NSC has agreed to grant the City a secondary means of access over its property in the event of emergencies.

Sanitation, Traffic Engineering and Real Estate Services have reviewed this request.



David Keating, Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
No cost to the City for this easement.
Review Comments
Map of City of Savannah Landfill, Land Fill Road, and 1319 Dean Forest Road.pdf
Dean Forest Rd - Access Easement Agreement.pdf
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