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October 28, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
15. Petition of Harold Yellin (Agent) on Behalf of Alice Keller (Owner) for a Map Amendment to Rezone Little Neck Road (Parcel ID# 21007 01001 and 21007 01002) From R-A-CO (Residential-Agricultural-County) to PD (Planned Development). File No. 20-005235-ZA. (Hopeton Landing Master Plan). The Metropolitan Planning Commission recommends approval with conditions. (See narrative for conditions)
Strategic Priority

Item continued from the July 22, 2021 and September 9, 2021 Council meetings.

The petition of Harold Yellin (Agent) on behalf of Alice Keller (Owner) is to rezone Little Neck Road (Parcel Identification Numbers 21007 01001 and 21007 01002) from the R-A-CO (Residential-Agricultural-County) zoning classification to the PD (Planned Development) zoning classification with conditions. The subject property consists of 484.90 acres and is located northeast of Little Neck Road between Ogeechee Road and Interstate 95.

Planned Development (PD) districts are permitted in the Zoning Ordinance and allow projects that would not otherwise be permitted under the Ordinance because of the strict application of zoning district development standards or general site standards. Generally, PD districts are intended for sites where a developer proposes, and the Mayor and Aldermen desire, to achieve a certain mix of uses, appearance, land use compatibility and/or apply special sensitivity to the character of the site and surrounding area. The intent of the proposed PD is to develop a Master Plan that will include single and multi-family residential uses, commercial, institutional, office uses and land set aside for future development. The proposed Master Plan identifies where each land use would be permitted, as well as the location of access points, amenity areas, use buffers, existing wetlands and residential density for each proposed tract of land.

In November 2019, the City annexed the subject properties from Unincorporated Chatham County into the City. All abutting properties, as well as those on the south side of Little Neck Road, are a part of Unincorporated Chatham County. The applicant met with MPC staff and the County Engineer to ensure the proposed Master Plan and PD text address the possible impacts of the future development resulting from traffic, stormwater, canal access and use and the widening of Little Neck Road.

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Planning Commission recommends approval of a map amendment to rezone Little Neck Road (Parcel Identification Numbers 21007 01001 and 21007 01002) from the R-A-CO (Residential-Agricultural-County) zoning classifcation to the PD (Planned Development) zoning classification with the condition that the applicant enters into an agreement with Chatham County regarding issues related to stormwater, traffic and canal access. 

However, the City is recommending approval of the rezoning with no additional conditions as outlined in Exhibit 7. Through the rezoning process, the petitioner has addressed the development concerns raised by the County and MPC staff related to stormwater, traffic, and canal access. The City will continue to work with the County on a long-term intergovernmental agreement to address issues associated with Little Neck Road as well as revise the existing intergovernmental agreement to include canal maintenance in this area.


Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning and Urban Design
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet - Little Neck Road (Hopeton Landing)
Exhibit 2: Draft Ordinance - Rezone Little Neck Road - (Hopeton Landing)
Exhibit 3: Master Plan - Hopeton Landing
Exhibit 4: Water and Sewer Agreement - Hopeton Landing
Exhibit 5: Traffic Analysis - Hopeton Landing
Exhibit 6: Stormwater Management Strategy - Hopeton Landing
Exhibit 7: Memo to City Council dated September 7, 2021 - Hopeton Landing
Exhibit 8: Community Questions dated October 1, 2021 - Hopeton Landing
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