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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
5. Presentation of a Life Saving Award to Advanced Firefighter Trevor Jaha for Heroic Actions on a Flight from Michigan to California
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

The City of Savannah has made a significant commitment to train the men and women of the Savannah Fire Department as Emergency Medical Technicians. In less than two years, Savannah Firefighters are already using their enhanced knowledge and skills to make a tremendous impact on the community. The same courageous and dedicated firefighters who have always been first on scene to rescue citizens in emergency situations are now providing even better patient care under unimaginably stressful and difficult circumstances.

Recently Advanced Firefighter Trevor Jaha went above and beyond the call of duty to use his EMT skills to save a life.  On September 14, 2019, while on a flight to a California surfing vacation, Advanced Firefighter Trevor Jaha answered a flight attendant’s request for emergency medical assistance. Another passenger experienced Sudden Cardiac Death and had no pulse, even after four shocks with an AED Defibrillator. Jaha did CPR for 30 minutes while the plane made an emergency landing. Because Jaha refused to give up, even when the young woman showed no signs of life, she survived the ordeal. She ultimately regained the ability to walk and talk, with no signs of brain damage.


Presentation of Award

Derik Minard, Chief of Fire Rescue
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