October 12, 2017 Council Work Session
Workshop Agenda Items
1. Attendance


Mayor Deloach, Alderman Foster, Alderman Miller, Alderman Thomas, Alderman Hall, Alderman Bell, and Alderman Shabazz.


Alderman Johnson arrived at 11:40.  Alderman Durrence was absent.


2. Utility Billing Assessment

Heath Lloyd, Interim Revenue Director and Meghan Duffy, Internal Auditor, KPMG Utility Billing Assessment (David Roberts and Mike Z worked as partners on the project.

3. Public Property Naming Policy

Joe Shearouse, Management Services Coordinator gave a presentation.

4. Executive Session: Real Estate and Personnel

Alderman Foster took notes on personnel.

5. City Manager's Briefing / Council Meeting Agenda Items for October 12, 2017

City Manager Rob Hernandez presented the City Manager’s Briefing of the agenda items for the Council Meeting of October 12, 2017. The agenda can be found online and will be made a part of the permanent record.


Mayor DeLoach adjourned this meeting.


Dyanne C. Reese, MMC Clerk of Council


Agenda Plus

Agenda Plus