October 12, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Request that City-Owned Real Property Located Along Cleland Street be Declared Surplus and Available for Sale

Todd Naugle on behalf of Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. and Vanguard Developers has submitted Petition 170275 requesting the City-owned real property located along Cleland Street be declared surplus and available for sale. The property is located in the Bayview neighborhood along the easterly side of Cleland Street at Hagood Street and is further identified as PIN 2-0021-02-044. According to the 2017 Chatham County Board of Assessors, the parcel consists of a vacant lot containing 17,990 square feet, or approximately 0.41 acre. The Petitioner is seeking to acquire the vacant lot in assemblage with adjoining property for the future development of a multi-family housing complex.

This petition has been reviewed by Development Services, the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources, and Real Property Services. Staff recommends approval to declare this City-owned real property located along Cleland Street as surplus and available for sale to the public, subject to the following conditions:

  • Buyer will be required to survey the property prior to closing. If the survey shows City ditch # 02018 is within the southern boundary of the parcel, then the City shall retain a perpetual unobstructed use and maintenance easement for said ditch.
  • Petitioner’s request included a preliminary development master plan. There has been no review of said property for adequacy or appropriateness of such use. The City makes no warranty either expressed or implied that said parcel may be used for site development improvements in whole or in part.

If this petition is approved, staff will issue a request for proposals and invite sealed bids for the sale of the property. Staff will also procure a current appraisal of the market value of the property to assist in evaluating bid responses. 



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
Financial Impact
TBD sale revenue to general fund
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