November 9, 2017 Council Work Session
Workshop Agenda Items
1. Boards, Commissions, and Authorities

Present:  Mayor Deloach, Alderman Thomas, Durrence, Hall, Foster, Bell, Miller, Shabazz, and Alderman Johnson arrived at 12:10 p.m.


The following recommendations were made to the following appointments.


Pension Board

Paul Mosley, Sr.


Coastal Workforce Development Board

Lee M. Smith


Greater Savannah International Alliance

James N. Anderson

Mehmet Ergul

2. Animal Ordinance Revisions
Animal Control Services for COS1.pptx

Presentation presented by Jennifer Burns, Assistant Chatham County Attorney on their newly adopted Animal Control Ordinance for councils consideration of making it a part of the City of Savannah Animal Control Ordinance.

3. Shopping Cart Ordinance

Presentation presented by Margaret Williams, Customer Service Administrator on the proposed Shopping Cart Ordinance.

4. 2018 Legislative Agenda
2018 Legislative Agenda.pptx

Presentation presented by Bret Bell Deputy Assistant to the City Manager on Proposal for the 2018 Legislative Agenda along with Marcell Rubinson City of Savannah lobbyist from Connect South.  Eighteen recommendations were presented to council and after review City Manager Hernandez recommended council limit the number to 5 major items. 


As followed:

  1. Rename the Talmadge Memorial Bridge

  2. Short Term Vacation Rentals

  3. Aggravated Assault with Firearm by Juvenile

15. Confiscated Weapons

17. Guns and Festival Zones

5. Executive Session: Real Estate, Personnel, and Litigation

Upon Motion of Alderman Durrence, Seconded by Alderman Miller. 


Council went into Executive Session to discuss personnel, real estate, and litigation


Upon Motion of Alderman Durrence, Seconded by Alderman Shabazz.  Council moved to come out of Executive Session.

6. City Manager's Briefing / Council Meeting Agenda Items for November 9, 2017

City Manager Hernandez reviewed with council the agenda for the council meeting beginning at 2 pm. today.


Mayor Deloach adjourned this meeting.

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