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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Authorize the City Manager and City Attorney to Prepare a Fire Assessment Fee Proposal for Consideration by City Council

The City Manager has proposed creation of a fee assessed to all properties in the City of Savannah to fund the costs of providing fire protection to those properties, along with creation of fee-reduction credits available to property owners who take action to reduce the threat of fire on their property.

Creation of this fee would require an amendment to the City Charter, an ordinance adoption, and amendment of the City’s Revenue Ordinance. Those actions would be considered by Council at meetings prior to the end of 2017. Authorization would direct the City Manager and City Attorney to proceed with planning, and to prepare an approval package for Council consideration, as well as launch a public outreach campaign to educate property owners about the fee.



Bret Bell, Deputy Assistant to the City Manager
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