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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Engineering Services for Relocation of Water Line from Thomas and Hutton (Event no. 5623)

Recommend approval to procure engineering services for the Brampton Road Connector from Thomas & Hutton in the amount of $475,400.00.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is planning to install a new rail spur and a new Brampton Road Connector from Burnsed Boulevard, running northeast and tying in to Brampton Road. The new construction will be in conflict with the existing 48-inch Industrial and Domestic water line, necessitating the relocation of that line. The 48-inch water line is connected to the line along Jimmy DeLoach Parkway and Grange Road.

This is a sole source procurement because Thomas & Hutton has recently completed the 48-inch water line relocations for Jimmy DeLoach Parkway and Grange Road. Additionally, GDOT is requiring the City to submit the final relocation design for the water line no later than June 2018. Contracting with Thomas & Hutton will allow the City to complete the design in accordance with GDOT’s required deadlines and will prevent the duplication of work.

Engineering design costs will be reimbursed through a preliminary engineering agreement since the City has prior rights to these water lines,



Cesar Laureano, Water Resources
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