November 7, 2017 Special Council Work Session
Workshop Agenda Items
1. Proposed Fire Assessment
Fire Fee Presentation 110717 Final.pdf

Present:  Mayor Deloach, Alderman Hall, Alderman Foster, Alderman Miller, Alderman Thomas, Alderman Bell, Alderman Durrence, Alderman Johnson, and Alderman Shabazz


City Manager Hernandez outlined the purpose of this special meeting to discuss amendment to the City Charter and Budget process to consider fees for Fire Protection service. 


An overview of the recommendation was presented by Chief Middleton, Courtney Riech, and Eric VanMalseen of Consulting of Standtec.  A PowerPoint presentation was presented and council members was asked numerous questions. 


The City Manager stated that the fees would be across the board for all residents to include special discounts.  If the fees are adopted, the City of Savannah will eliminate the special enterprise fund a 2% discount of the mileage rate. He asked council for consensus so that he can put a resolution o n the agenda to proceed in preparing a charter amendment and a report to council.  


The City Manager was authorized by 7 to 2 consensus to proceed in placing a resolution on the council agenda of November 9, 2017.


There will be no further business, Mayor Deloach declared this meeting Adjourned.


The recording of this work session is online and the PowerPoint attachment is attached.


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