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November 12, 2020 City Council Meeting
19. Amend the Code of the City of Savannah Section 7-1027, Appendix I, Sec. 211. One-way streets.
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

At the request of the Savannah Police Department,  Mobility Services has reviewed roadway conditions on Wilder Drive between East Oglethorpe Avenue  and Avery Street in Fred Wessels Homes. Wilder Drive is 24’ wide with parking permitted on both sides, leaving only 8’ of travel lane for two-way traffic. Bi-directional traffic with parking on both sides requires a minimum of 32’ of street width. Both sides of Wilder Drive are fronted by HAS apartment homes; the only off-street parking available to residents are 10 ADA spaces and a small area of well parking. 

After consulting with and receiving concurrence from the Housing Authority of Savannah, Mobility Services recommends for Wilder Drive to be converted to one-way travel, southbound from East Oglethrope Avenue to its intersection of Avery Street.

Amend the Code of the City of Savannah, Section 7-1027, Appendix I, Sec. 211. One-way streets.


Name of Street From To Direction of Traffic Movement
Wilder Drive Oglethorpe Avenue Avery Street South



Recommend approval.

Stephen N. Henry, Mobility Services Director
Financial Impact
Review Comments

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