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November 10, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
36. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Quitclaim Deed for 2206 Iowa Street. (PIN 20039 01020)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Staff requests City Council’s approval to execute a Quitclaim Deed on 2206 Iowa Street (PIN 20039 01020) to correct an oversight relating to a 1992 tax sale. The Revenue Department has determined the City is not owed any money relating to this prior tax sale.

However, there is an outstanding invoice due to the City from a previous Code Compliance case related to this property. The invoice totals $12,250 from cutting and clearing performed on the private property by City contractors. An additional $1,000 is owed for staff time and research in processing the proposed Quitclaim Deed.

Staff recommends approval for City Manager to execute a Quitclaim Deed to clear title issues so the property can be sold to a new owner.



David Keating, Senior Director of Real Estate Administration
Financial Impact
$13,250 to the General Fund.
Review Comments
EXHIBIT 1: 2206 Iowa St - Map.pdf
EXHIBIT 2: 2206 Iowa - Quit Claim Deed.pdf
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