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May 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
4. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Contract to Procure and Install a Warehouse Storage Racking System (for the New Central Warehouse, Interchange Court) with MSC Industrial Supply in the Amount of $87,900 (Event No. 8324). The Racks, Bins and Cabinets will Hold over 700 Commodities (80,000+ Units) for Material Used in all City Operations.
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to procure and install a warehouse storage racking system from MSC Industrial Supply in the amount of $87,900.

The racking system will be utilized for Central Warehouse, which will be relocated at the newly constructed facility at 14 Interchange Court.  It will consist of pallet racks, rivet shelving, bins and metal cabinets to properly stock over 710 different commodities (anywhere from 80,000 – 100,000 units). 

The City’s Central Warehouse provides a central location for receiving, storing and distributing products to all City departments.  The rack and storage system will maximize the new warehouse space to ensure the workspace is functional and efficient,  provide a safe environment for employees, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

This purchase is being made through the State of Georgia contract for Material Storage Equipment (Contract# 99999-001-SPD0000114-0004).  It was competitively bid by the State of Georgia and awarded to MSC Industrial Supply.  Per section 2-4154 of the City’s Purchasing Ordinance, the City may purchase goods or services through the use of a state contract.

S.C.  MSC Industrial Supply (Mableton, GA) (D) $87,900

(D) Indicates non-local, non-DBE owned business.




Heath Lloyd, Chief of Infrastructure and Development
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $87,900 from the Capital Improvement Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Funding Verification - Racking System.pdf
Exhibit 2: Purchasing Notes - Racking System.pdf
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