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May 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
33. Approval of a Water & Sewer Agreement with Sweetwater Investors, LLC for Sweetwater Station Phase 6
Strategic Priority

Sweetwater Investors, LLC has requested a water and sewer agreement for Sweetwater Station Phase 6 consisting of a 35-lot subdivision. The water and sewer systems have adequate capacity to serve this 35-equivalent resident unit development located on Sesslie Oak Drive and Club House Drive. The Water and Sewer Connection Fee, totaling $124,600, which is based on the proposed water consumption, shall be paid by the developer prior to the release of the water meter as each house goes on line. The agreement is consistent with policy directives given by the Mayor and Aldermen and has been reviewed and approved by the City Attorney for legal format.



James Laplander, Water Planning and Engineering Director
Financial Impact
$124,600 in revenue
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Water/Sewer Agreement - Sweetwater Station Phase 6.pdf
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