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May 27, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
37. Approval of a Major Subdivision - The Mayors One Parcel and Parcel R-1, Eastern Wharf
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This proposed subdivision is of one existing property parcel R-1 and the recombination of existing property parcel Mayors One. The subdivision of Parcel R-1 (PIN# 20006 05005) will create five individual parcels Lot 84, Lot 85, Lot 86, Lot 87, & Mayors Two. The proposed subdivision is located in Aldermanic District 1, Bernetta B. Lanier. The site is being developed in accordance with the “Eastern Wharf Planned Unit Development” previously approved in 2018 and amended in 2019
• Current Owner: PMC-SRL, LLC
• Current Parcel Identification number: 20006 05005.
• Zoning: Residential.



Greg Harris, City Surveyor
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Mayors One Parcel and Parcel R-1, Eastern Wharf.pdf
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