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March 14, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
5. Proclamation Recognizing March 10-16, 2024, as Navy League Week.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The United States is a maritime nation and the US Navy protects America at sea, defends freedom, preserves economic prosperity, and keeps the seas free and ports full. The United States Navy while working with the US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard to protect the nation, is instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of more than $38 billion in annual exports and $137 billion in total trade from the State of Georgia across 221 countries and territories. More than 15 thousand active and reserve force sailors currently in the Navy are from the state of Georgia; an additional 15 thousand Navy retirees reside in Georgia, and 37 ships have been named after the state of Georgia, its cities, places, and people.


Savannah’s citizens take great pride in supporting the state’s two current namesake vessels, USS Savannah and USS Georgia, and are honored to have the presence of the United States Navy in our state on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day. More than a dozen United States Navy ships have been named in honor of people of Irish descent, and the United States Navy and the City of Savannah both owe a debt of gratitude for the contributions and service of the Irish people. The United States Navy will host special events and programs in the Savannah area to increase the community’s knowledge and understanding of their Navy and its global mission.



Van R. Johnson II, Mayor, Office of the Mayor
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