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March 14, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
25. Approval to Award Services to Heat Transfer Sales, LLC to Refurbish Two Secondary Chill Water Pumps and Motors, in the Amount of $31,894.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Heat Transfer Sales, LLC., will provide material and labor to refurbish the existing Secondary Chill Water Pumps SCH-1 and SCH-2. The TACO pumps are the original pumps installed in 1994 and the motors were upgraded in 2007, which are now approximately 16 years old. The shaft seals have started leaking and the motors are picking up bearing noises which could indicate a future failure. These pumps and motors will later need to be upsized to accommodate the additional piping and condition space with the future concourse expansion.


The project will consist of refurbishing the existing 100HP TACO Split Case Pumps and replacing the motors with new 100HP High Efficiency Motors. All work will be completed on site, one pump at a time, to minimize down time for the chill water system. Heat Transfer Sales, LLC., is the sole representative for TACO in Georgia and per the representative agreement, is the only source for TACO equipment and parts in the state of Georgia. This is a 2024 budgeted item.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $31,894 from the Savannah Airport Commission Fund
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