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June 7, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
18. Motion to Approve a Renewal Contract for Cityworks Annual Software Agreement, NTE.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval to renew the Cityworks Annual Software Agreement, NTE, in the amount of $33,000.00.

Cityworks is an Asset Management System (AMS), which allows multiple departments such as Maintenance, Operations, Airfield, Engineering, and Information Technology to integrate separate information systems into a single software solution with a common interface. By providing a single source for information input and retrieval, Cityworks enables departments to share and access pertinent information easily and efficiently. The renewal covers the airport’s portion of the annual software licensing that’s shared with the City of Savannah.



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
Financial Impact
Savannah Airport Commission Funds in the amount of $33,000.00
Review Comments
Woolpert CityWorks agreement fully signed 9-7-2016.pdf
Savannah Hilton Head International Airport - Cityworks Maintenance (1).pdf
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