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July 9, 2020 City Council Meeting
11. Approval of a Supplemental Agreement with Crawford, Murphy & Tilly (CMT) for Additional Design Services for the Rental Car Facility Improvement Project in the amount of $323,433
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The supplemental agreement is for additional design services associated with the Rental Car Facility Improvement Project.  The project began in 2016 with Michael Baker International, Inc. (MBI), serving as the consulting design firm.  At that time, MBI was one of the Commission’s FAA approved five-year consultant firms who were awarded projects based on their respective experience.  The project progressed slowly due to many issues related to coordination between rental car agencies as well as multiple project scope and design requiring stakeholder approval. At approximately 50% of the design, the engineer of record, Michael Reiter accepted a position with CMT which abruptly stalled the project.  To limit project delay, a meeting between the two firms was held, where it was decided that, in order to facilitate a seamless transition, CMT would work as a sub-consultant to MBI with Michael Reiter maintaining his role as the project engineer. Subsequently, it was then decided that CMT would take over the remaining design work on the project and they were asked to provide a scope of services and fee proposal to include SAC requested revisions as well as construction administration costs, which were not included in the original agreement with MBI. The following are included in CMT’s proposal: 


Item:                                                                                      Cost:                                                  

Final Permitting with City of Savannah                                 $18,310

Geotechnical Services                                                          $10,364

Revisions / Finalization of Drawings:                                    $171,110

Construction Administration:                                                 $123,649



This project is to be funded with Customer Facility Charge (CFC) dollars.




Mr. Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management / IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $323,433 from Customer Facility Charges
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Agreement - Rental Car Facility Improvement Project.pdf
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