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July 9, 2020 City Council Meeting
7. Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Construction Contract for Improvements to Stratford Park and Sections of Augusta Avenue with Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC (State Contract) in the Amount of $384,667.70 (Event No. 7922)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Recommend approval of a construction contract for improvements to Stratford Park and portions of Augusta Avenue with Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC in the amount of $384,667.70. Under the oversight of the Office of Capital Projects Management, the contractor will: upgrade the park’s landscaping, benches and pedestrian paths; install a new sidewalk and stopping area for busses along Augusta Avenue and install a four-way stamped concrete crosswalk.

This purchase is being made through the State of Georgia contract for construction services (Contract #99999-SPD-S20160216-009). It was competitively bid by the State of Georgia and awarded to Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC. Per Section 2-4154 of the City’s Purchasing Ordinance, the City may purchase goods or services through the use of a state contract.



Cristy Lawrence, Director of Capital Projects Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $384.667.70 from the Capital Improvement Fund
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Purchasing Summary - Stratford Park and Augusta Ave Improvements.pdf
Exhibit 2: Funding Verification - Stratford Park and August Ave Improvements.pdf
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