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July 28, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
10. Approval for the Annexation of 18.989 Acres Located off Buckhalter Road near Garrard Avenue. The property is currently vacant land and the owner plans to incorporate these into the Rockingham Farms Warehouse Development Project.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The City received an annexation petition for two parcels with an aggregate of 18.989 acres located adjacent to the Rockingham Farms warehouse development off Veterans Parkway. The parcels are located off Buckhalter Road near Garrard Avenue. The land under petition is contiguous to existing City territory and, therefore, can be annexed by ordinance adopted by City Council. As required by State law, the County has been informed of the receipt of this petition.




David Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services
Financial Impact
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Exhibit 1: Annexation Petition - Capital Partners.pdf
Exhibit 2: Annexation Ordinance - Capital Partners.pdf
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