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July 27, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
39. Approval to Execute a Contract with Erickson Associates, Inc., for All Services Associated with the Lifecycle Replacement of the 750-Ton Chiller Project, in the Amount of $801,000.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The budgeted amount of $800,000 was based on current models meeting the required chiller specifications and market conditions for both equipment and labor. This project consists of the removal and disposal of the existing 28-year-old Chiller No. 3, a York Model YTL6M6F2CWFS that was installed back in mid-1993. In addition to this, the project encompasses the acquisition of a new chiller unit along with all necessary equipment, parts, and materials, and also covers the labor costs associated with the installation of this new unit. This was in the FY 23 budget.


The bidders are:
(B) Erickson Associates, Inc., Savannah, GA                        $801,000
(D) ThermaServe Mechanical, Inc., Jacksonville, FL             $886,085

(B) Local, non-DBE owned business, (D) non-local, non-DBE owned business.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management/IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $801,000 from the Airport Commission Fund
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