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July 27, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
53. Approval of a Major Subdivision Bradley Pointe South Phase 10, a Portion of Parcel 1A of the Vallambrosa Plantation. The property is located at Stetson Drive and Flagler Drive in Alderman District 6.
Strategic Priority

The subject property is the tenth phase in an established subdivision named Bradley Pointe South. This proposed phase totals 6.379 acres and will consist of 32 single family lots with varying lot sizes. There are no wetlands located within the property. Water and sewer service will be provided and maintained by the City of Savannah. Stormwater management will consist of an underground pipe system. According to FEMA Flood Plain Map Panel 13051C0235G, a portion of the subject property is located in Zone AE, a flood hazard zone.


*  Street location: Stetson Drive and Flagler Drive, Savannah, GA
*  Parent PIN: 21030F 01028
*  Phase 10
*  Total Acres: 6.379 acres
*  Total Lots Created: 32 Lots
*  Alderman District: 6 (Ald. Kurtis Purtee)
*  Zoning: PD - Planned Development
*  Owner: Jack B. Wardlaw



Greg Harris, Surveyor, Development Services Department
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Plat - Major Subdivision Bradley Pointe South Phase 10 a portion of Parcel 1A of the Vallambrosa Plantation.pdf
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