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July 23, 2020 City Council Meeting
20. Approval of a Special Use Permit for a Microbrewery, Wine Specialty Shop, Bar / Tavern, Retail Consumption Dealer, Craft Distillery, Winery, Meadery, and Cidery at 2400 Bull Street (PIN: 20074 01019), Petition of Josh Yellin (Agent) on behalf of 2400 Bull Street LLC, District 2 (File No. 20-002539-ZA)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The petitioner, Josh Yellin, is requesting approval of a Special Use Permit pursuant to Section 3.10 of the Savannah Zoning Ordinance to establish any of these uses found in Article 5 Principal Use Table: Microbrewery; Wine Specialty Shop; Bar / Tavern; Retail Consumption Dealer; Craft Distillery; Winery, Meadery, and Cidery.  The Special Use Permit process includes review by the Planning Commission and consideration by Mayor and Aldermen. Should the uses be approved by Mayor and Aldermen, a permit will be granted by the City of Savannah which will be governed by the permit enforcement criteria outlined in Article 3.

The subject property is located at 2400 Bull Street on the southeast corner of Bull Street and E. 40th Street. The property is developed with a single-story commercial building of approximately 17,000 square feet in size. The building had operated as a grocery store since the 1980s and is currently vacant. The petitioner is in the process of renovating the buildings exterior and reconfiguring the interior to accommodate smaller individual retail spaces. The request for the proposed special uses, if approved by the Mayor and Aldermen, would allow businesses classified as such to be established at this location.


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The Planning Commission recommends approval of the petitioner’s request for a Special Use Permit to establish a Microbrewery, Wine Speciality Shop, Bar/Tavern; Retail Consumption Dealer, Craft Distillery, Winery, Meadery, and Cidery at 2400 Bull Street based on the findings identified in the staff report.

Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design
Financial Impact
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet, File No. 20-002539-ZA.pdf
Exhibit 2: Map of 2400 Bull Street.pdf
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