July 20, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Rezone 1325 Chatham Parkway from PUD-B-R to PUD-M-12 (Petitioner, Commonwealth Development Corporation of America)

The Mayor and Aldermen approved this rezoning request (MPC File No. 17-002738-ZA) following a zoning hearing at the City Council Meeting on July 6, 2017.

The petitioner, Commonwealth Development Corporation of America, (MPC File No. 17-002738-ZA.) is requesting that a tract of land located at 1325 Chatham Parkway be rezoned from a PUD-B-R (Planned Unit Development - Regional Business) zoning classification to a PUD-M-12 (Planned Unit Development - Multifamily, 12 units per net acre) classification.

The purpose of the rezoning is to accommodate a proposed multi-family residential development to be constructed on the subject site.  There are presently four multi-family developments in the general vicinity of the subject site on Chatham Parkway.  This request is associated with a request to amend the Tricentennial Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Map Category from Commercial-Suburban to Residential-General (MPC File No. 17-002738-CPA).

The character of the area surrounding the property is primarily office and commercial development. The residential developments near the site consist of three multi-family apartment complexes which are all located between Ogeechee Road and I-16. The proposed amendment would allow for additional residential development that would provide housing options for employees of nearby businesses and customers to support those businesses.

The surrounding commercial development and the commercial zoning of nearby properties is compatible with the density of residential development that is proposed. The proposed amendment would protect the multi-family residential use by discouraging intensive forms of development that could generate high traffic volumes and draw customers away from small businesses.

The Planning Commission voted on June 6, 2017 to recommend approval of this request.


Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
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