July 20, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Gordonston Traffic Calming Services from SABE, Inc. (Event No. 5110)

This item was continued from the June 22, 2017 Council Meeting.

Recommend approval to procure traffic calming construction services from SABE, Inc. in the amount of $293,231.00. The services will be used by the Traffic Engineering Department to reduce cut-through traffic and speeding within the Gordonston neighborhood, located in Aldermanic District 3. There will be 21 traffic calming devices installed under this contract. These devices will include 17 speed humps, two raised concrete medians and two traffic circles.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is to engage residents to help create tailored solutions to traffic problems in their neighborhoods, thereby reducing crashes, traffic speeds and volumes, improving pedestrian safety, and creating more pleasant neighborhoods.

The MWBE goal for this project is 21% (17% MBE and 4% WBE). SABE, Inc. submitted MWBE participation of 100%. SABE, Inc. is a MBE firm and will contribute 96% participation. Blue, Inc. will be utilized for the remaining 4%.



Michael Weiner, Traffic Engineering Director
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