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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Rezone 313 West Anderson Street from 3-R to 3-B Zoning District (Petitioner: Harold Yellin for Midtown Redevelopment, LLC)

The Mayor and Aldermen approved this rezoning request following a zoning hearing at the December 21, 2017, City Council Meeting.  The action being considered now is the approval of an ordinance to rezone 313 West Anderson Street (PIN 2-0066 -05-007) from the Victorian District's 3-R Zoning District to the 3-B Zoning District. This is the first of two agenda items related to this rezoning petition (File No. 17-004805-ZA) as the petition involves multiple properties, districts, and recommendations.

The petitioner at the December 21, 2017 City Council Meeting withdrew the requests to rezone 311 West Anderson Street and 312 West 31st St.  In addition to the proposed rezoning, the petitioner also seeks text amendments to the 3-B and B-C zoning districts. The text amendment is scheduled for the same City Council meeting as the rezoning petition (See File No. 17-004803-ZA). The Planning Commission recommends an alternate text amendment.

The petitioner seeks to redevelop a block located between Montgomery Street to the west, Anderson Street to the north, Jefferson Street to the east and W. 31st Street to the south. The block is separated by Anderson Lane. The block contains seven parcels and a total of 1.17 acres of land (not including the public lane). The petitioner owns the entire block and seeks to construct upwards of 105 dwelling units in addition to rehabilitating nine existing dwelling units. The present zoning and some of the zoning requirements would not allow the desired density.

On November 21, 2017, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the rezoning of 313 West Anderson Street from the Victorian District's 3-R Zoning District to the 3-B Zoning District.



Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
Financial Impact
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313 W Anderson St Rezoning PC's Recommendation and Petitioner's Request Zoning Map 17-004805-ZA.pdf
WAnderson-Montgomery-Jefferson-W31st Rezoning Concept Plan 17-004805-ZA.pdf
WAnderson-Montgomery-Jefferson-W31st Rezoning Maps and Aerials 17-004805-ZA.pdf
Use Comparison for Existing 3-R District and Proposed 3-B District.pdf
Development Standards for Existing 3-R District and Proposed 3-B District.pdf
WAnderson-Montgomery-Jefferson-W31st Rezoning 20171121 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-004805-ZA.pdf
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