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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Event Management Software for the Civic Center from Ungerboeck Software (Event No. 5383)

Recommend approval to procure event management software from Ungerboeck Software in the total amount of $144,800.00. The cost for the first year will be $38,000.00 for software and installation. The cost for annual maintenance, support, and upgrades will be $26,700.00 per year for four additional years. The Civic Center will use this software to book, track, plan, and close current and future events. The software will increase efficiency, workflow, and communication throughout the Civic Center on all events.



Veleeta McDonald, Civic Center
Financial Impact
$144,800.00 ($38,000.00 for the first year for software and installation costs; $26,700.00 per year for annual maintenance for four additional years)
Review Comments
Event Management Software Scope.pdf
Event Management Software Funding Verification.pdf
Event Management Software Purchasing Summary.pdf
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