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January 3, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
17. Motion to Approve Interpretive Signage for an Information Kiosk on the Right of Way Adjacent to 2005 Waters Avenue
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Recommend approval of the Historic Site and Monument Commission's recommendation to install a Waters Avenue History Kiosk, which comprises an embedded sign panel to be mounted on a metal frame to be supported by 7-foot-tall decorative steel posts at 2005 Waters Avenue. 

As part of the Waters Avenue Streetscape project, the design team developed a master plan for the area that fronts the City-owned shopping center near the corner of Waters and East 37th Street.  This area included an enhanced pedestrian crosswalk, lighted bollards, a checkerboard table, and a kiosk for historical reference.  The history kiosk was included as a way to connect the vibrant history of the Waters Avenue corridor to the current streetscape project. 

The corridor provided little space to tell the entire history, but a kiosk was the agreed upon solution to recognizing the most significant people, places, and neighborhoods.  The kiosk design uses a map of the corridor combined with a numbering system to show how Waters Avenue is interconnected. 

The people portion of the design tells the story of important local figures who lived or worked on the corridor, such as John White, Sr., who was one of the first African-American officers in the Savannah Police Department. The places portion of the design tells the story of current and former buildings and businesses located on the corridor along with the history of the streetcar, which served as a connection to several neighborhoods.  Finally, the neighborhood portion of the kiosk provides a narrative of the five neighborhoods that make up the corridor.



Ellen Harris, Metropolitan Planning Commission
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