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January 18, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
17. Motion to Amend Section 3-1001 of the Code of Ordinances to Provide for Disposition of Unclaimed Bicycles by the Police Department and Public Auction of Other Unclaimed Personal Property

To facilitate and in furtherance of the police department’s crime reduction initiatives, in particular its community orienting policing philosophy, revision to Section 3-1001 of the General Code is proposed. Under the current ordinance, all unclaimed personal property (with the exception of weapons) must be transferred to the City Marshal for sale at public auction. Consistent with the practice in other Georgia jurisdictions, the police department would like the ability to donate unclaimed bicycles to worthy persons and organizations within the community, which the current ordinances does not allow. In addition, the proposed revisions will streamline the public auction procedure by eliminating the superfluous requirement that the city marshal be involved in the disposition process.



Jennifer N. Herman, Deputy City Attorney
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