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January 17, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
31. Motion to Procure Replacement Curtains for the Johnny Mercer Theater from Rose Brand Wipers, Inc. (Event No. 6225)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend approval to procure replacement stage curtains for the Johnny Mercer Theatre from Rose Brand Wipers, Inc. in the amount of $59,092.52. The stage curtains will be used by the Civic Center in the Johnny Mercer Theatre during shows and productions. 

The apparent low bidder was awarded this contract by Council on October 25, 2018; however, upon award, the vendor requested a contract modification of approximately $20,000 so the award is being rescinded.

The second low vendor submitted exceptions that were deemed unacceptable to the Civic Center.  Therefore, award is being recommended to Rose Brand Wipers, Inc.



Justin Strickland, Civic Center
Financial Impact
$59,092.52 expenditure to the FEMA Fund. In the event FEMA does not reimburse this expenditure, this item will be funded through the Civic Center Holding Account.
Review Comments
Mercer Curtain Bid Tab.pdf
Curtain Purchasing Summary.pdf
Mercer Curtain Scope.pdf
Curtain Funding Verification
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