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January 17, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
12. Motion to Amend the Future Land Use Category for 1932 East Montgomery Cross Road (Petitioner: Harold Yellin for Geyer Morris Company and City of Savannah)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

The Mayor and Aldermen approved a request by Harold Yellin for Geyer Morris Company, Petitioner (File No. 18-006339-ZA) to rezone 1932 East Montgomery Cross Road from P-RM-25 (Planned Multifamily Residential – 25 units per acre) to B-N (Neighborhood Business).  Therefore, the Future Land Use Map designation for the subject properties has to be changed from "Residential - General" to "Commercial - Neighborhood" (File No. 18-006934-CPA).  The action being considered now is the approval of an ordinance for the amendment to the Future Land Use Categories.

This is the first of two related agenda items.  The second agenda item is for the ordinance to rezone 1932 East Montgomery Cross Road.

The subject property is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of East Montgomery Crossroad and Varnedoe Drive.  It is zoned for and developed as multifamily residential. There are four two-story residential buildings on site with eight units in each building. The Chatham County-Savannah Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map provides a designation of "Residential-General."

Considering the development pattern in the vicinity of the subject properties, neighborhood commercial uses are appropriate in this area.  The extension of the Truman Parkway and the widening of Montgomery Crossroad has intensified vehicular traffic between Skidaway Road and Abercorn Street significantly. These changes have also led to redevelopment and rezoning in the immediate vicinity to include shopping centers, restaurants and offices.  This is, however, a transitioning neighborhood, and consideration should be given to how new development integrates with the surrounding area.

Based on these findings, on December, 11, 2018, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the request to rezone the subject property with the condition that any General Development Plan submitted for the subject property be approved by the Planning Commission.

The Chatham County - Savannah Comprehensive Plan provides the following definitions for the Future Land Use Categories:

Residential – General: Areas with a wide range of residential uses including multi-family dwellings, attached dwellings, small lot single-family dwellings at densities greater than 10 units per gross acre.

Commercial - Neighborhood: Nodal and strip business areas that are within predominately residential areas and are developed at a scale and intensity compatible with adjacent residential uses.



Bridget Lidy, Planning & Urban Design
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