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January 17, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
18. Motion to Approve Municipal Sponsorship Ordinance to Create Rules and Guidelines for Soliciting and Receiving Sponsorship Opportunities
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Municipal Sponsorship Ordinance will create a formal process for the City to receive, review, and approve sponsorship opportunities.This process will ensure that sponsorships are fair, consistent, and provide a positive impact on City services, facilities, property, or programs.

The proposed ordinance would divide sponsorships into two categories based upon how they are received:

  • Solicited sponsorships are received through a competitive procurement process and must follow all current procurement laws and regulations.
  • Unsolicited sponsorships, or a sponsorship proposal submitted outside of a competitive process, will be reviewed by a committee comprised of subject-matter experts appointed by the City Manager. The committee will decide whether to accept the proposal, open up a similar proposal to a competitive procurement process, or reject the proposal. 

All sponsorships will require City Council approval.



Joe Shearouse Jr., Office of Municipal Operations
Financial Impact
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