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January 12, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
18. Petition of Josh Yellin on Behalf of for Savannah Country Day School to Rezone ~ 0.81 Acres at 0 Merrydell Drive (PIN 20653 01001) from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to OI-E (Office and Institutional-Expanded) with Conditions. Aldermanic District 6 (File No. 22-005457-ZA). Continued to February 7, 2023.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The petitioner is requesting approval of a zoning map amendment from RSF-6 (Residential Dingle Family) to O-I (Office – Institutional) for property located at 0 Merrydell Drive.  The parcel will be incorporated into the Savannah Country Day School campus. 

The property is an undeveloped parcel adjacent to the Savannah Country Day School campus. The immediately adjacent developments include a congregate care facility and outdoor recreation facilities associated with the school.


On December 20, 2022, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the rezoning of 0 Merrydell Drive from RSF-6 (Residential Dingle Family) to O-I (Office – Institutional) under the following conditions:

  1. The subject property shall be recombined with the school campus prior to approval of a development plan.
  2. The proposed access identified on the schools Master Plan shall be approved by the City of Savannah Traffic Engineer.
Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning & Urban Design
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation for 0 Merrydell Drive (File No. 22-005457-ZA).pdf
Exhibit 2: Maps for 0 Merrydell Drive (File No. 22005457-ZA).pdf
Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance for 0 Merrydell Drive (File No. 22-005457-ZA).pdf
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