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January 12, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
13. Approval of a Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine) (By the Drink) Alcohol License for William W. Wilder, III for Pizza Party, a restaurant at 1201 Habersham Street between East Henry and East Duffy Streets in Aldermanic District 2.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

William W. Wilder III t/a Treylor Park Pizza Party, LLC t/a Pizza Party is requesting a Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine) (By the Drink) Alcohol License with Sunday Sales at 1201 Habersham Street. The establishment is located between West Duffy and West Henry Streets in Aldermanic District 2. No concerns noted by the Neighborhood Association or the Savannah Police Department. The applicant plans to operate a restaurant. (New Owner/New Location)


  • This establishment is a restaurant.
  • This is for a new owner/location.
  • Distance measurement met to nearest School and Alcohol Treatment Center.
  • The Victorian Neighborhood Association was notified of the alcohol request via email. 
  • There are no concerns noted by Code Compliance Department.


Judee Jones, Revenue, Manager
Financial Impact
Revenue of $6,430 in Alcohol License Fees.
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Checklist - Pizza Party.pdf
Exhibit 2: Density Map - Pizza Party.pdf
Exhibit 3: Alcohol Reports - Pizza Party.pdf
Exhibit 4: Measurement Report - Pizza Party.pdf
Exhibit 5: Security Plan - Pizza Party.pdf
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