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February 22, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
26. Approval of Task Order No. 34 with AECOM for Design Services for the Terminal Improvements Landside Project, in the Amount of $880,897.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Task Order No. 34 provides interior design, architecture, and project management services for the modernization of the existing Terminal. The areas to be renovated under this task order include the landside area of the first level, second level, Savannah Square, and the Commission's Conference Room. The design includes interior finishes, new rental car and airline ticketing counters, baggage claims, lighting, restroom upgrades, and flooring. This is a Passenger Facilities Charges (PFC) funded project.    



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $880,897 from the Passenger Facility Charges Fund
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