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February 22, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
7. Presentation of the Employee Engagement Team and Recognition of 4th Quarter 2023 Employee of the Quarter Winners.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Employee Engagement Team (EET) is made-up of a diverse group of employees who are passionate about engagement and was created to give employees representation and a voice to senior leadership to enhance the workplace experience. More specifically, the purpose of the Employee Engagement Team is to enhance employee relations and increase employee morale by: 


1. Promoting a positive team culture for all City of Savannah employees.
2. Identifying employee concerns and recommending solutions.
3. Assisting in the development of employee relations programs.
4. Encouraging effective communication throughout the organization.
5. Educating employees about the benefits and perks of employment.


Since the team's first official working meeting in August of 2022, the team has focused on both the successes and challenges of employment with the City of Savannah. Through the use of city-wide surveys, feedback sessions, and conversations with fellow members of team Savannah, the Employee Engagement Team (EET) arrived at the goal of being the voice of team members at every level and to create a bridge between leadership and employees. EET has the opportunity to bring employee thoughts, suggestions, and concerns to members of leadership that can create programs and initiatives that both recognize staff accomplishments and find creative solutions to challenges.


Some of the current projects to accomplish this include:


  • Employee of the Quarter/Employee of the Year, rewarding everyday heroes and amazing acts.
  • A revamping of the Years of Service program into a robust recognition initiative.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion education.
  • Exploration of programs and policies that meet the needs of changing work cultures to increase recruitment and retention. 
  • Employee raffles for local events such as concerts and sporting events.
  • Creating opportunities for full employee involvement and engagement such as partnering with Government Operations for the city-wide clean-up day and pushing for the first annual Team Savannah Kickball game which included participants from all service centers. 


Winners Recognized by Service Center (4th Quarter 2023)

Teresa Graham, Government Operations

LaMonteo Dilmar, Community Services

Sam Alai, Infrastructure and Development

Angelica Alfonso, Strategic Services

William Robinson, Savannah Fire Department

Mariana Hilderbrand, Savannah Police Department

April Ludwig, Municipal Operations



Rhonda, Ruesch, Chair, Employee Engagement Team/Savannah Fire Department
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