December 21, 2017 Council Work Session

Savannah City Government




December 21, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.


Present: Mayor Eddie DeLoach, Presiding

Aldermen: Carol Bell, Julian Miller, Brian Foster, Van Johnson, II (arrived at 10:25 a.m.), Tony Thomas, Bill Durrence, John Hall, Estella Shabazz

Rob Hernandez, City Manager 

Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney

William Shearouse, Assistant City Attorney

Jennifer Herman, Deputy City Attorney


Mayor DeLoach called the meeting to order.

City Manager Hernandez welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of what would be discussed.

Bret Bell, Deputy Assistant to the City Manager, gave a a brief overview of upcoming City Council Work Sessions. At the January 4, 2018 Work Session, the Local Preference Ordinance will be on the agenda. Council has signaled a desire to strengthen and change the Local Preference Ordinance to provide more of a focus on local vendors. In addition, Chatham County expressed their interest in meeting to give an update on their various partnerships with the City of Savannah.

On January 18, 2018, there will be a presentation on proposed changes to the Tour Services Ordinance and Alderman Johnson has requested to make a presentation to Council on a proposal addressing marijuana and its potential decriminalization. Lastly, there will be an update on Saint Patrick's Day from 2017 and looking ahead at 2018.

On February 1, 2018, there will be an overview on SPLOST regarding where the program is currently, the communication plan and ways to get the information to the public. Lastly, there will be an overview of the WorkSource Coastal program

Alderman Miller asked if this information will be sent in an email. Mr. Bell replied yes.

Alderman Miller stated as it relates to the marijuana issue, he has asked several times for a position statement from Chief Lumpkin and the District Attorney's Office. Mr. Bell stated both along with Sheriff Wilcher have been asked to attend  the January 18th workshop.

Mr. Bell concluded stating the schedule is subject to change.

Workshop Agenda Items
1. Arena Development
Final Workshop Presentation - Arena Project Manager 121917.pdf
2. 2018 Service Program and Budget
FY18 Proposed - Workshop December 21.pptx
3. Executive Session: Real Estate, Litigation and Personnel
4. City Manager’s Briefing / Council Meeting Agenda Items for December 21, 2017

Mayor DeLoach adjourned this meeting.

Agenda Plus