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December 09, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
15. Approval of the 2022 Revenue Ordinance
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Each year, City Council adopts a Revenue Ordinance to authorize the collection of taxes and fees.  The proposed Revenue Ordinance would raise revenue for the City of Savannah the same as was adopted, and amended, for 2022 with certain changes as presented in the 2022 Proposed Budget.  The 2022 Revenue Ordinance also includes language changes as outlined in the attached Revenue Ordinance Summary Memo.



Terri Harrison, Director of the Revenue Department
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhbit 1: Cover Memo - Revenue Ordinance.pdf
Exhibit 2: Revenue Ordinance - Redline Version.pdf
Exhibit 3: Revenue Ordinance - Clean Version.pdf
Agenda Plus