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August 24, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
13. Approval of Name for Square Located Between Abercorn and East Wayne Street.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

On November 10, 2022 Savannah City Council voted to remove the name John C. Calhoun from the square located at the intersection of Abercorn and East Wayne Streets and engage in a public process to name the square.


On March 28, 2023, the application process was opened for the public to submit potential square names. Submittals were required to provide contact information, a potential square name, a statement of significance or contribution for proposed name with supporting citations, and an endorsement from a City Council member representing the square. The name submission process closed Monday, May 15 at 11:59pm.


Staff received over 300 inquiries regarding the naming process. All submittals were reviewed by staff. 14 applications moved forward in the process. Two public meetings were held to inform the public about the process, encourage participation, and answer questions. Those meetings were held on Wednesday, April 26 and Wednesday, June 14.


Included in this process are three public forums for comment and inclusion within the public record, including: The Park and Tree Commission (July 18, 2023), Historic Site and Monument Commission (August 3, 2023), and Savannah City Council (August 24, 2023).


The Park and Tree Commission voted for the top five names which the Commission recommended move forward (total votes):

  1. Susie King Taylor Square (6)
  2. Creek Square (3)
  3. W. W. Law Square (3)
  4. Seven Sisters Square (3)
  5. George Leile Square (2)


The Historic Site and Monument Commission voted for the top five names which the Commission recommended move forward:

  1. Susie King Taylor Square (4)
  2. Creek Square (4)
  3. Major Clayton Carpenter Square (4)
  4. W. W. Law Square (3)
  5. Seven Sisters Square (3)


Complete Applications to Name the Square at Abercorn and East Way Streets

Proposed Name

Named in Honor of

Name of Applicant

# Public Comments Received in Support of

Abbott Square

Robert Sengstacke Abbott

Martha Keber


Carpenter Square

Major Clayton Carpenter

Jon Ternstrom


Casey Square

Dr. John Aloysius Casey

Andrew Jones


Center Square

Leo Center

Tony Center


Creek Square

Lower Creeks and other Native American tribes who once resided in this region

Angel Brayboy


Deveaux Square

Jane A. Deveaux

Rita Fuller-Yates


Hostess City of the South Square

City of Savannah, Georgia

Robert H. Fennell, Jr.


Law Square

Westley Wallace “W. W.” Law

Albert Oetgen


Leile Square

George Leile

Leroy Pace, Jr.


Mirault Square

Aspasia Cruvellier Mirault

Jack White


Musgrove Square

Mary Musgrove

Guinevere Waite


Seven Sisters Square

Seven ladies who joined together to organize the Historic Savannah Foundation and save the Davenport House

Sandy Keck Everette


Taylor Square

Susie King Taylor

Susie King Taylor Center for Jubilee, Inc.


Wesley Square

John Wesley and Charles Wesley

Judy Bradley




Joseph Shearouse, Director, Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Square Support Letters Part 1.pdf
Exhibit 2: Square Support Letters Part 2.pdf
Exhibit 3: Square Support Letters Part 3.pdf
Exhibit 4: Square Support Letters Part 4.pdf
Exhibit 5: Square Support Letters Part 5.pdf
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