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August 24, 2023 City Council Regular Meeting
5. Presentation of the Savannah Fire Department's Camp Ignite Participants.
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Good Government

Savannah Fire Department held a brief summer camp, Camp Ignite, which took place at the Savannah Fire Training Academy from July 26th, 2023 through July 29th, 2023. Camp Ignite was open to young women between the ages of 14 and 21 to the program and the Savannah Fire Department welcomed 15 young women participants. During the camp session, participants learned about the fundamentals of firefighting including fire behavior, firefighting tools, and the importance of working as a team. These young women also received instruction in Hands-Only CPR, along with Stop the Bleed training. All 15 young women successfully completed the program and were honored with a graduation ceremony where they received a certificate and were recognized by their family, Camp Ignite instructors, and members of City of Savannah leadership for their accomplishment.


Savannah Fire Department's Camp Ignite was led by Advanced Firefighter and Camp Director Tyler Barrett, who identified the need for community initiatives for local young women. Additionally, Savannah Fire Department personnel recognized the opportunity to provide a platform for young women to explore empowerment, leadership, and teambuilding. Camp Director Barrett also recruited a panel of all-female fire personnel to act as instructors and mentors providing camp participants the opportunity to gain exposure and education in the fire service and/or the field of public safety. These women are making positive impacts in our community by engaging and empowering young women while fostering an interest in a rewarding career in public safety, and are heroes and true public servants.



Van R. Johnson II, Mayor, Office of the Mayor
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