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August 13, 2020 City Council Meeting
34. Approval of the Petition of Bridget Lidy on behalf of The Mayor and Aldermen for Ezik Haydar, Owner, to Rezone 0.31 acres at 118 Roberts Street (PIN: 20717 05006) from C-P (Conservation-Park) to RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6), Aldermanic District #1, File No. 20-003003-ZA
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Good Government

Bridget Lidy for the Mayor and Aldermen is requesting approval to rezone approximately 0.31 acres at 118 Roberts Street (PIN: 20717 05006) from the C-P (Conservation - Park) zoning classification to the RSF-6 (Single Family Residential) zoning classification.

The subject property is located on the west side of Roberts Street in the Woodville – Bartow Neighborhood, south of West Bay Street. Historically, the site had been split zoned with approximately 50% of the lot zoned R-6 (Single Family Residential), and the remaining portion zoned R-4 (Four Family Residential) under the previous zoning ordinance.

It appears that the property was inadvertently redesignated as C-P (Conservation - Park) during the zoning map update process associated with the adoption of the new zoning ordinance (NewZO). The subject property is immediately north of the Woodville Memorial Cemetery, which was rezoned from R-4 to C-P, and an error in mapping, most likely, incorrectly included the subject property. As this has been determined to be an error and no fault of the property owner, the City of Savannah is serving as the petitioner.

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The Planning Commission recommends approval of the petition to rezone 0.31 acres at 118 Roberts Street (PIN: 20717 05006) from C-P (Conservation-Park) zoning classification to RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) zoning classification.

Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design Director
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Exhibit 1: Maps for 118 Roberts Street
Exhibit 2: MPC Recommendation Packet for 118 Roberts Street
Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance for 118 Roberts Street
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